Moon Moon Food Truck is a concept that provides food on wheels, which gives us the possibility to deliver fresh & delicious dishes where ever you are, without any limitations.

Oslo kommune authorized

Our food truck concept and business are authorized by the Oslo "Kommune". At Moon Moon food truck we always follow rules & restrictions and our first priority is focused on quality.

Opening Hours:

Everyday (11am - 09pm).


Aker brygge

Østbane Hallen
Oslo S

Hence.. We have flexible locationing and opening hours, meaning that we are trying our best to keep to the opening hours as stated above. However due to certain circumstances, mainly depending on the weather, therefore our actual opening time could various. Please take contact for more accurate info.

Home or Company Party..

We have experiences and we also provide services: Catering, christmas-, gathering-, company party, events and ceremonies occations.
Party.. Tell us where the party is.. We will be there for you.. You just enjoy the good time and being completely wasted..

Moon Moon Food Truck

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